Yayoi Orii

Leadership Coach, YES Consulting

Leadership, Organisational Development
Diversity & Inclusion, Diversity & Inclusion
Yayoi Orii


Yayoi, a leadership coach and management consultant, assists leaders and their organizations. With 2500+ coaching hours and 400+ executives from diverse industries, she improves communication, team-building, influence, delegation, diversity management, collaboration, culture change, and more. Yayoi fosters self-awareness, pushes clients beyond their comfort zones, and empowers them to influence stakeholders. She strongly supports female leaders.

Before her current role, Yayoi served as an educational consultant and held managerial roles at companies like Honda Motor and SEGA. Having spent 16 years in the United States, including Kellogg School of Management, Yayoi offers insights into cross-cultural issues, diversity, adaptation, and social norms in the U.S. and Japan.